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The Pre-School Bees and Bears

The Pre-School Bees and Bears are based in two light and airy rooms. As with other rooms at Scallywags, there is a high ratio of childcare practitioners to children, enabling each child to develop at their own pace and to help prepare them for the transition to ‘big’ school.

The Pre-School children are constantly encountering new experiences here at Scallywags.  Our childcare practitioners help the children to develop their skills and build up their confidence with a variety of activities and challenges, including:

  • Writing and drawing
  • Numeracy and problem solving
  • Exploration and investigation
  • Small world and construction
  • Messy and craft activities
  • Singing, dancing and role play
  • Quiet time and listening
  • And many more!

The rooms are set out in defined areas where the children can learn through play. The children can ‘role play’ in the home corner; write, draw and create in the mark making area; build houses, cars, planes or whatever they can imagine in the construction area; make models, or create sculptures from play dough or clay in the creative area; or sit quietly looking through a book in the reading corner.
The children are encouraged to choose their own activities and to develop their ideas as they play and learn. Our practitioners help ensure each child has a balanced programme and explore ideas for new activities, topics and room areas. Adult-initiated activities also take place during the day and are based on the children’s interests, next steps and stages of development. The Bees and Bears have their own free-flow access, a secure, well equipped garden and playground and are encouraged to use the outdoor area as often as possible. The children can take any of the indoor activities or equipment outside to play with!