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The Toddlers’ Room is for Fun and Learning

The Toddlers’ Room is all about having fun whilst learning. The children are encouraged to make choices about their day and there is a huge range of activities from which they can choose. There are books to read, toys for individual or group play, clothes for dressing-up, cars to ‘drive’, trains to conduct, bricks to build, painting and drawing resources to create, a sand pit to play with and so much more! The children also learn to help tidy away once they have finished playing.

In addition, adult-led activities take place each day with our qualified childcare practitioners. These can include story time (on a one-to-one basis or in small groups), craft activities, puzzles, games, singing and walks, all providing plenty of learning opportunities.

The Toddler Room has ‘free-flow’ access to a secure and well-equipped garden. The children are encouraged to go outside to play and explore a range of outdoor activities.  Childcare practitioners, always present with children in the garden, help them to develop their gross motor skills by trying new activities.

All this excitement can be rather tiring, so of course we have comfortable rest beds for the children to nap during the afternoon should they wish to.

Always Something Happening

  • One to one or group reading
  • Walks around the local area
  • Playing in the garden or playground
  • Learning to play together
  • Rest beds for tired children
  • Delicious snacks for more energy to play!